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What Can I Put in Reencle?

Check out the list of materials/wastes you can put in Reencle

What You CAN and CANNOT Put in Reencle

In a nutshell🌰, any food leftovers, food scraps or food waste that humans can digest is acceptable to put it Reencle for composting. Also, Coffee Grounds, Tissues(1 or 2 sheets per day), Fruit Peels(soft), Egg Shells, Pet Foods, Tea, and Tea Bags(no

Can Reencle Decompose Meat or Bones(Beef/Pork/Chicken/Fish)?

Whether they are raw, cooked or fried edible meat/fish(seafood) products such as Beef, Pork, Chicken or Lamb can be decomposed by Reencle.

Can I put coffee grinds or pods in Reencle?

It is possible to add a scoop of coffee grounds to eliminate the odor. However, please stop adding coffee grounds if the condition of the compost gets too soggy or the decomposition of food waste becomes slower. This might be due to adding too much c

Why can't I decompose the stems/ corn husks/ onion skins? Aren't they common?

Long plants or vegetables, such as stems or scallions, might get entwined with the mixing rod and cause potential malfunction. We recommend consumers to cut the stems before putting in Reencle. Stems, corn husks, onion skins are actually classified a

What happens with compostable plastics/bioplastics (Like WorldCentric clear cups or utensils)?

Pure bioplastic products can be decomposed by Reencle, like rice straws. However, many bioplastic products still use chemical ingredients(only small portion is bio-material like corn, rice) which cannot be decomposed by Reencle. Here's a link showing

Can I put Avocados in Reencle?

"Avocados contain a wide range of nutrients and may have various health benefits. These include improving digestion, lowering the risk of depression, preventing bone loss, supporting heart health, protecting against cancer, and more.". - MedicalNewsT