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What You CAN and CANNOT Put in ReencleUpdated 8 months ago

What CAN I Put in Reencle?

In a nutshell🌰, any food leftovers, food scraps or food waste that humans can digest is acceptable to put it Reencle for composting. 

Also, Coffee Grounds, Tissues(1 or 2 sheets per day), Fruit Peels(soft), Egg Shells, Pet Foods, Tea, and Tea Bags(non-plastic coated) can be added to Reencle for composting. These ingredients will take more time to decompose by ReencleMicrobes due to its structural composition but, won't cause any damage to the product.

What Can NOT Go in Reencle

Shells(from shellfish, nuts), Bones(from beef, pork, chicken, fish or any animal bones) and Seeds(or large fruit pits) that are classified as general garbage and inedible to people. These hard things are difficult for Reencle to breakdown.

Animal Wastes(dog, cat or pets) that are classified as general garbage and we do not recommend adding to Reencle. However, as they are pure form of organic matter it can be decomposed by our microbes. If you plan to add animal wastes, please note that strong odors will be generated from the compost. In that case we suggest you add 1~2 scoops of coffee grounds to eliminate bad odors.

Apart from that, most food waste can be decomposed.

Time taken for decomposition varies depending on the type of food waste, but since the amount of food available per day is 1kg, most things will be decomposed if you keep the amount.

What Can casue failure and bad smell

Download our guide sheet below!

Reencle Guide Sheet_20230712.pdf2.2MB

Updated 2023-11-25

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