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Can I put coffee grinds or pods in Reencle?Updated 2 years ago

Coffee Grounds(Used, Leftover, Old) (🆗)

It is possible to add a scoop of coffee grounds to eliminate the odor. However, please stop adding coffee grounds if the condition of the compost gets too soggy or the decomposition of food waste becomes slower. This might be due to adding too much coffee grounds.
Our recommendation is to add 40~50g per day. 

Coffee Beans (👀)

Same as coffee grounds, it is possible to add roasted or whole coffee beans. However, due to its hard and low moisture it takes considerably long time(months) to break down. Please adjust your input looking at the condition of your compost.

Coffee Pods (❌)

Please do not add coffee pods in Reencle. Most of the coffee pods are made from a combination of plastics, aluminum and organic matters which can not be decomposed by our microbes. Even if your coffee pod states that it is biodegrable they will consist of some sort of chemical coatings which will block the activity of our microbes. 

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