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Why can't I decompose the stems/ corn husks/ onion skins? Aren't they common?Updated 2 years ago

Stems() / Corn Husks() / Onion Skins()

Long plants or vegetables, such as stems or scallions, might get entwined with the mixing rod and cause potential malfunction. We recommend consumers to cut the stems before putting in Reencle. 

Stems, corn husks, onion skins are actually classified as general waste, not food waste. Meaning, skins are difficult to decompose because they contain a lot of cellulose and membrane. Moreover, the cellulose itself takes a long time to decompose. If you put them in Reencle, they will dry and break into small pieces and get mixed with the compost. However, these will take considerably longer time to decompose.

Simply put, most of the food that humans can eat can be decomposed by microorganisms.

Updated 12/25/2022

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