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Detail guide to using Reencle, Best Practices, Tips and Troubleshooting


What Can I Put in Reencle?
What Can I Put in Reencle?
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ReencleMicrobe™ Guidebook

Everything related to ReencleMicrobe™ and composting food waste. Find out the tips and tricks to treat Reencle byproduct properly.

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New Reencle manual video

Hello, this is our new Reencle manual video. We hope it has been helpful in using our product. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our official website's chatbot. Thank you!

Reencle Instruction Manual Download

Please find the attached file above to download the Reencle Manual.

How-to-Start Reencle!

Learn how to start Reencle and activate ReencleMicrobe™

How to Lock the Sensor

Reencle's convenient motion/foot sensor helps you throw in food scraps without even touching the lid. However, there are times you want to lock the automatic lid opening function to prevent your child or dogs from getting hands and paws into the comp