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ReencleMicrobe™ Guidebook

Everything related to ReencleMicrobe™ and composting food waste. Find out the tips and tricks to treat Reencle byproduct properly.

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Updated 09/10/2023.

I travel a lot. Will the microbes die if I stop adding food waste in Reencle?

ReencleMicrobe™ ("microbes") do not die easily. When the microbes are not fed with food waste, it will self-inactivate. 1. Do not put food waste into Reencle 2~3 days before you leave. 2. Click the dry button for 2~3 days to dry the microorganisms be

Should I buy ReencleMicrobe™ regularly or replace it?

You don't need to buy microbes regularly. It's self-replicating. Once you purchse Reencle, a pack of ReencleMicrobe™ is included in the box. If you cultivate microbes well you don't need to buy an additional bag of microorganisms. During decompositio

Why should Reencle compost be dried & aged for at least 3 weeks before applying to plants??

When composting, it is vital to reduce moisture of the compost as much as possible. If the moisture level of the compost is high it is hard to come out in a solid state which leads to uneven mixture of nutrients. Moreover, excessive molds could form

There is a White Mold in my Reencle, how to prevent? is this normal?

It's perfectly normal for compost to have some level of mold. Generally speaking, a certain level of mold in your compost is good for the decomposition process. Our microorganism is extracted from Cheese and Soybean which are actually easy to be foun

What are the black pellets in ReencleMicrobe?

In the bag of ReencleMicrobe, you will notice there are a lot of different ingredients mixed inside. Among them you'll notice the black pellets which are called activated carbon. The microporous structure of these activated carbon pellets helps the a