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Should I buy ReencleMicrobe™ regularly or replace it?Updated 3 months ago

About ReencleMicrobe™

You don't need to buy microbes regularly. It's self-replicating. 

Once you purchse Reencle, a pack of ReencleMicrobe™ is included in the box. If you cultivate microbes well you don't need to buy an additional bag of microorganisms. 

During decomposition process, the microbes will break down your food waste and the compost will be gradually filled up. Once the compost is filled up to the Max Line, you should empty only half of them and leave the rest in the chamber. (There are three marked lines inside the bin Max/Median/Min)

However, in some cases, the mircrobes might not recovered to its optimal condition due to improper usage of waste input. If that's the case and you want to buy fresh new microbes, please visit our Reencle Shop to place an order.

If you have any questions about the microbes, feel free to contact our us at our help center.

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