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I travel a lot. Will the microbes die if I stop adding food waste in Reencle?Updated 2 years ago

ReencleMicrobe™ ("microbes") do not die easily. When the microbes are not fed with food waste, it will self-inactivate. 

🚌 If you leave home for less than a week

  1. You may leave the power on and run Reencle as it is. 
  2. However, on the day you leave home, just pour in some water just enough to wet the microbes evenly.

(If you’re not home for more than a week)

1. Do not put food waste into Reencle 2~3 days before you leave.

2. Click the dry button for 2~3 days to dry the microorganisms because it can cause mold if the microorganisms are humid or food waste remains.

3. Please unplug the power cord on the day you leave.

4. After returning to home, plug in the power cord, click the power button, and use it 6 hours after adding 500ml of water to activate the microorganism.

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