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What is Reencle?

Reencle is the first of its kind eco-friendly food waste composter. It uses microorganisms, all nature-based to compost food waste and transform it into powerful fertilizer. We made a centuries-old composting practice easy. Perfect for those who have

What's in the Reencle box?

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Is Reencle dehydrator/grinder?

Reencle operates on totally different and unique mechnism using microbial technology(ReencleMicrobe™) which makes it neither a dehydrator nor a grinder, such as as Nagual, Lomi and Vitamix.  The rest of the composters releasesd in the market like Lom

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About Reencle Carbon Filter & 3-Step Odor Filtering System

When you purchase reencle, it comes with two Reencle Carbon Filters. We recommend changing it every 9-12 months. Which means, you don't have to worry about the first 1  - 2 years about buying a new filter. Our filter has remarkably longer usage life