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What is Reencle?Updated a year ago

Introducing Reencle

Reencle is the first of its kind eco-friendly food waste composter. It uses microorganisms, all nature-based to compost food waste and transform it into powerful fertilizer. We made a centuries-old composting practice easy. Perfect for those who have a garden or green thumb or want to ensure that food waste is put to good use that is Mother Nature-friendly. 

Who Created Reencle?

Hanmi Flexible is a professional home appliance manufacturer which was founded in 1988. Wiith over 30 years of experience, Hanmi assembles electronic parts for vacuum cleaners and washing machines for LG, Hitachi, Panasonic, Hyundai and Hurom. Hanmi is ISO 9001 certified. 

Why Should We Use Reencle?

Firstly, saving time and reduce your hassle house chore- cleaning out your food waste. Secondly, effectively contains the odors in Reencle to keep your living area refreshing at all times Low maintenance cost occurs even the machine operates 24hrs. Also, after the food waste turns into by product fertilizer, you can use them when you are gardening. It perfectly fits for eco-friendly consumers. 

Reencle Features

1) Microorgansim can be used semi-permanently when cultivated well,

2) Easy and automatic open function for user's convenience, 

3) Effortless filter replacement design, 

4) Accessory storage for shovel,

5) Low noise, energy efficient, only 30dB, 60w 

6) 3.7 gallon capacity and compost up to 2lb of good waste in 24 hours

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