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Is Reencle dehydrator/grinder?Updated a year ago

Reencle is NOT a Dehydrator NOR a Grinder

Reencle operates on totally different and unique mechnism using microbial technology(ReencleMicrobe) which makes it neither a dehydrator nor a grinder, such as as Nagual, Lomi and Vitamix.  The rest of the composters releasesd in the market like Lomi, Nagual, Vitamix are similar to a dehydrator and use high temperature to reduce the volume of food waste. 

The biggest disadvantage of dehyrator types is that the salinity(sodium residue) of their byproduct is still very high since they are just dehydrating the food waste.  Ultimately meaning that their byproducts cannot be used as a proper compost.  In addtion,  when these dehydrator types are in operation users cannot continuously add in food waste.  On top of that, you'd always have to take out and clean the inner tank after every operating cycle. 

On the other hand, Reencle uses microorganism called Bacillus Smithii which is extracted from cheese and soybean.  The main characteristics of Bacillius Smithii are halophytic, acidophil, and thermophilic.  Most of the food what people consume have the exact environment that Bacillus Smithii loves, salty and acidic.  However, most of the other microbes cannot survice such kind of environment. 

Our decomposing mechanism is very similar to what is called a Bokashi process.  Yet, the technology we use is much faster in making compost(conventional/natural decomposition process takes a lot of time).  Reencle provides optimal environment for microbes to decompose food waste. Most of food waste can be decomposed within a day.

Reencle users can continuously put food waste into Reencle(but you need to be careful of the daily processing amount(the recommended optimal amount is 1.5 Ibs and maximum is 2.2 Ibs).

The most convenient part of Reencle, as well as compared to dehydrator types, is that you don’t have to clean or wash it out. You only need to use a mop or wipes to clean the surface of the bucket if it looks too dirty. 

Please refer to our video for easier understanding. 


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