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About Reencle Carbon Filter & 3-Step Odor Filtering SystemUpdated 2 years ago

Reencle Activated Carbon Filter And 3-Step Odor Filtering System

When you purchase reencle, it comes with two Reencle Carbon Filters.

We recommend changing it every 9-12 months. Which means, you don't have to worry about the first 1  - 2 years about buying a new filter.  

Our filter has remarkably longer usage life that other electric composters out in the market thanks to Reencle's 3-step filtering system. Firstly, the internal temperature of the chamber is consistantly controlled between 113° F and 131° F(or 45°C  and 55°C). Meaning that the bacteria which cause stink cannot survive in this environment. Moreover, ReencleMicrobes inside also curb the growth of bad bacteria. And finally, internal air is filtered and puried through our carbon filter. 

Looking to refill your filter or order a new one? Please visit our Reencle Shop.

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