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ENCORE! by Reencle: We Plant TreesUpdated a year ago

We’ve Donated 1,000 Trees!

Announcing ENCORE! by Reencle

We are proud to share the news about our launch of 


(ENvironmental COmmittment for Reforestation & Restoration of Earth)

 initiative by Reencle.

We Plant Trees

Just 5 years ago, with the foundation of 34 years of experience in the consumer electronics manufacturing, the very first model of Reencle was launched with the vision to phase out the global food waste problem.

Since then, we have been working virously to improve our technology to contribute to a better environment. We truly thank you and sincerely respect you for believing in our product. For that we owe you!

To thank you for participating in the environmental protection movement with Reencle we’ve decided to donate a part of our profit to planting trees where it is most need in the world. 

From this day on, “One Tree for One Reencle” will be donated on behalf your name.
(This will be available with the Shopify store lauch coming this November 2022)

Partnership with One Tree Planted:

One Thousand Trees Donated

We are happy to officially announce the partnership with One Tree Planted( for cooperating in global reforestation. With already having more than 1,000 units sold worldwide from our first global campaign, we have just made equivalent tree donations to One Tree Planted. 
We won’t be stopping here! Reencle will keep searching and reaching out to where the help is needed to save the environment.

In the past, we have destroyed forests without hesitation. 
However, forests have amazing ability to recover.
It’s time to look back at our own planet, what we must preserve.

To help people and nature to flourish together, 
forests are key to our climate and home to many species. 

Help us inspire the next generation to connect with nature and preserve our planet!

The Rest of Reenclers are Waiting for You!

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You can always reach out to our team directly via multiple channels: 

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We would love to hear from you, answer any questions you have, and hear about your ideas about the future of composting and reducing the food waste.

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